Damos Boat multibeam mounted

Our Story

Both Scott and Steve have been diving for more than 30 years with most, if not all of this time having a strong interest in wrecks. As long time divers and engineers we have a passion for our marine history as well as the mechanics and machinery from both the age of sail and the age of steam.

They have often attempted to look for undiscovered wrecks and for a period of time discussed purchasing a side scan sonar and chased up a number of quotes. As opportunity happened they noticed a Klein Side Scan for sale on ebay and were the successful bidders, so starting this roller coaster ride. All of the Historical information gained on the vessels has been added to Wikipedia so that it may be used under a share and share alike licence.

The positions of known shipwreck sites are hosted here and it is hoped that this list can both be added to and refined through others inputs. We shall endeavour that all newly discovered sites shall be made public to all at the earliest possible time.

Meet the Team

Like all good things we are more than the sum of the individuals and we fully acknowledge it takes a team committed to attain our success's

Many people have helped (and continue to) and we thank them all