Successful Searches

We have been quite lucky and currently we found 21 different vessels ranging in size and age from quite small and modern to old and large

Shipwreck Targets

What makes a good Target?
Key items for selecting a good target to search for

  • vessels that had survivors able to provide reliable descriptions of the sinking location
  • larger vessels, which provide a bigger target
  • more recent wrecks, for which there is usually more detailed information
  • vessels with a large amount of iron or steel (hull or propulsion systems) to provide a large target
  • vessels likely to be in less than 120 metres of water - within the range that can be more easily dived
Southern Surveyor

Data Mining

We thank the many organisations and individuals who have provided their raw data to allow us to go back through looking for anomalies which may be potential wrecks sites. these include

  • OEH (Habitat Mapping)
  • Sydney Ports (Port Surveys)
  • CSIRO (RV Southern Surveyor)
  • DSTO (Unmanned Littoral Systems Group)
  • Australian Hydrographic Office
  • Great Barrier Reef Data (Deepreef Explorer)

We welcome assistance to help research potential targets. This can consist of refining the locations of known shipwrecks or potential targets, or details of areas that have been extensively surveyed. We are also happy to review anyone's raw data, including old magnetic tape data, as shipwrecks can be overlooked in the data gathering and processing stage if they were not the prime concern of the exercise.