Below is a generalised list of some of the wrecks we have discovered



We discovered the wreck site of the Pelorus-class light cruiser in March of 2014 in 67m of water through data mining of the CSIRO research vessel Southern Surveyor raw multibeam records

Thanks to Geoff C, Max G, Damien S, and Dave W who participated in the Discovery of this Wreck site

Colonist (1861)

We discovered the 24m 1861 schooner on a dark night (1am) in May 2013 as it lay in busy Sydney Harbour shipping lanes

We later managed to dive the wreck site (after it had been identified) in the daylight with the help of Sydney Harbour Control who diverted many of the ferrys around the site as we dove it

Thanks to Geoff C and John F who participated in the Discovery of this Wreck site

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Herald layoutDS

PS Herald

One of NSW oldest steam vessels was found in January 2013, it was the small paddle steamer Herald which had been shipped out from the UK in frames and assembled in Sydney.

It was found via magnetometer investigation. Thanks to Andreas who participated in the Discovery of this Wreck site

Yamba (Andreas' Wreck)

In October of 2014 a year to the day after the untimely death of a dear friend and keen wreck diver we discovered the iron screw steamer Yamba was built in 1920 in 74m using information from side scan sonar

Thanks to Damien S, Dave W and in memory of Andreas for the discovery of this wreck site

Yamba SSS image