Wrecks that are worth looking for

To begin the search for a wreck, we start with research ashore. Hours spent poring over historical records prior to going out on the water can narrow down the search area by establishing the circumstances associated with the loss of a vessel

In our belief in openness, all of the information that we have gained is open to others to use, all of these vessels have been down for a number of years and anyone with the will and passion may search for them and congratulations to all who make the attempt.

All of our research is available to all with the majority posted directly on the web, the wrecks expected to be easier to find are vessels which had survivors who were able to provide reliable descriptions of the wreck location, larger vessels which will provide a bigger targets and more recent wrecks to again provide a larger target.

In no particular order these are the style of vessels we intend to search for

Search for the MV Nimbin


Search for the SS Dorrigo

Search for the Comboyne (1911)

Search for the Queen Bee

Search for the 2 LVT4(a)'s


Search for the Alhambra (1855)

Search for the 3 Wrecks off Newport

Search for the Merksworth (1874)